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Opportunity around every corner.

Your distinctive industry investment banking broker dealer. Founded in Connecticut, headquartered in California.

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MIT assists in the formulation of strategies for mergers, acquisitions, consolidation, sale or refinancing of assets or the sale or exchange of stock.  We offer services to assist in the preparation of press releases and other business communications. MIT maintains relationships with a wide range of institutional and high net worth, accredited investors. Please contact us to discuss current projects.



MIT’s Investment Banking unit specializes in assisting companies with early to mid-stage investment opportunities primarily through private placements offered to institutional investors and family offices. 


MIT’s real estate unit assists and advises on raising capital through both equity and debt private offerings to institutional and/or accredited investors for real estate development, acquisition and exchange opportunities.


MIT’s distribution arm assists companies seeking to raise capital through various investment structures including tax shelters, limited partnerships, private equity, private debt, venture capital, hedge funds, mutual funds and exchange traded funds

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