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Our Story

MIT Associates was founded in Stamford, CT in 2002 and moved to California in 2019.  MIT has at its roots and will continue to be a unique industry investment banking broker dealer that is now headquartered in Tiburon, California. We offer a diverse range of services including studying and reviewing businesses/clients, their operations, and historical performance. This enables us to provide informed advice and better assist in attempting to formulate the best strategy to meet working capital and capital resource needs. This includes introducing client companies to potential lenders of funds as well as to potential institutional investors whether such investment is in the form of debt or equity financing or some combination thereof. 

At MIT, we value diversity and celebrate ingenuity. The diversity of individual thoughts and ideas along with the ingenuity through working with a diverse range of people, we assist in building companies within a broad range of industries and products around the world. We are committed to helping entrepreneurs build upon their creativity to make their dreams a reality.


Our Vision

At MIT, we believe there is opportunity around every corner. The term “Global Ingenuity” is what we choose to celebrate. Ingenuity developing ideas, products and businesses.  MIT is a boutique investment banking broker dealer where we choose to be unique, nimble and creative in order to provide client companies and primarily institutional and accredited investors with a diverse range of interesting investment opportunities. 

Registered Offices





85 Eastview Ave, Tiburon CA, 94920

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